Wednesday, 27 October 2021 18:23

Italian Alessandro Jose Tomasi won gold with an impressive display of speed and light wind abilitis, leapfrogging Balz Mueller from Switzerland and day one leader Mathis Ghio from France who had to settle for silver and bronze respectively.

And while the men’s fleet saw different faces leading along the four days of the event, in the women’s fleet, Olivia Piana from France left no doubt about her domination, easily winning all her races. Orane Ceris and Marion Mattia, also from France, were second and third.

42 ompetitors from 9 countries and 2 continents made the journey to Campione del Garda to take part in the 2021 FreeWing WingFoil World Games.  

Sunday, 04 July 2021 18:17

The first ISWA WingFoil Euro Cup crowned it's champions today, with Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA)  taking the win with a perfect score ahead of Riccardo Zorzi (ITA) and Pietro Leon Kiaulehn (ITA).

12 short-track course races were run over the course of the three day competition, with the final day being purely dedicated to the new Airstyle discipline, combining trick elements from windsurf and kiteboard freestyle.

The race track reminds of a square - with a reaching start to Mark 1, a downwind leg, a long reach over to the other side of the racing area, and a beat to windward towards the finishing line. The wind limit for racing is currently around 8 knots, but with improving skills and equipment this will soon be much lower.

Cappuzzo proved to be unbeatable on his RRD gear around the 500x500m course that held the fleet nicely together and made for some close racing in the stronger winds off Malcesine at Lake Garda. In the lighter winds, the experience of Cappuzzo and Zorzi held off the competition clearly, but it is early days for this young sailing discipline and the skills are improving with every race.

Sunday, 28 March 2021 18:09

Over the past 2 years, a new discipline of sailing called "Wing Foil" has emerged.

Winging can be see as a crossover between windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing and standup paddling, and the current participants in the sport are coming equally from these communities.

While the sport is still in his infancy, there is a strong demand from stakeholders around the world to organize and govern the sport properly from the very beginning to ensure safe and fair competition in compliance with the established rules of World Sailing.

A group of accomplished athletes and sport managers with a wide range of backgrounds have worked over the past 12 month to form an international association, who's members are national associations governing the sport in their country and represent the athletes.

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