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Caipirinhas at Sunset, Daggers at Dawn

© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Launching out of the line © IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Launching out of the line


  • Sunshine and strong north-easterly winds of 16 to 22 knots
  • Riders are aching after eight short course races in a day
  • Paula Novotná (CZE) leads the women, but Orane Ceris (FRA) closes the gap
  • Perfect 8-ball from Mathis Ghio (FRA) in the men’s qualifying

When she came ashore after the second of two four-race sessions on the water, Orane Ceris (FRA) couldn’t even remember how many races she had won. “I won one race today,” she said. “No, you won two!” said her arch rival Paula Novotná (CZE) who continues to lead the women’s fleet by a healthy margin

© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Orane Ceris all smiles even when she's tired





Managing the sea weed is the new technical challenge of the week, and riders are developing their techniques to shake off the green stuff from their slick carbon foils. “I jumped my board twice as much as yesterday,” said Ceris, who is showing signs of closing the gap on the World ranked No.1 rider from the Czech Republic. “I’m going to beat her tomorrow,” laughed Orane, standing within earshot of her fierce rival, Novotná.


Novotná said she would make her friend work hard for any possible victory. “We are friends on the beach but on the water we fight,” she said, grinning fiercely across at the rider from New Caledonia. “Now we go and drink caipirinha together, and we see who wins tomorrow.”


© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: At the wingfoil discotheque!




Mathis Ghio (FRA) clocked up a perfect eight from eight races in his qualifying group today. He has honed his technique for managing the weed and is now minimising full jumping in favour of a more subtle option. 


“I’m trying to get half of the front wing out of the water to get the weed off without losing too much speed,” said the French rider, trying to balance his racing career with engineering studies at university in Lyons. “My arms are hurting right now, and my hands, so maybe time for an ice bath, some stretching, and then a beer at sunset.”



© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Bastien Escofet (FRA) holds a slender lead





Bastian Escofet (FRA) had almost as good a day as his compatriot, winning seven from eight heats in his qualifying group. “It’s tricky, tough competition out there, but I’m managing to maintain form. It looks like this week is going to be a battle between us two French at the top, and a bunch of Italians behind us in the top 10. We’ll see if we can hang on to the lead through to Sunday.”


© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Mathis Ghio hoses down after a perfect day





Saturday will be more qualifying races before Sunday when the men’s fleet will be re-organised into gold, silver and bronze divisions. For the winner of the previous World Cup event at Lake Garda in Italy, the split into gold can’t come soon enough. 


“I don’t like this qualifying, I want to race the top riders sooner,” said Francesco Cappuzzo (ITA), who sits in fourth overall, 7.3 points behind fellow Italian, Alessandro Tomasi, in third place. 


Cappuzzo will have to bide his time for another day, keep on getting solid scores in the qualification rounds before the vital final day when the best will race the best.


© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Great racing in front of Vila Kalango




This event is also about having fun, and no better example of that is seeing father and son, Paolo and Leonardo Migliorini (ITA), competing against each other. Despite being 30 years older than his 19-year-old son Leonardo, Paolo keeps himself in top condition. “My arms, my legs, my whole body are completely gone after eight races,” said Paolo. “There is nothing left! But it’s great to be here with my son, enjoying the competition and spending time with the whole family here in Jeri.”


© IWSA/ Jeriwingfoilcup: Leonardo with his dad Paolo


Racing continues at 1100 hours local time on Saturday 17 December, with the competition reaching its climax on Sunday 18 December.



TOP 3 OVERALL RESULTS (after 13 races, 3 discards)



1. Bastian Escofet (FRA), 9.3 points

2. Mathis Ghio (FRA), 9.7 points

3. Alessandro Tomasi (ITA), 10.0 points


1. Paula Novotná (CZE), 10.0 points

2. Orane Ceris (FRA), 18.0 points

3. Kylie Bellouvre (FRA), 29.0 points



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Written by Andy Rice, event reporter


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